Thoughts on Development


If this software was used for more critical data (such as medical data) it would be very important to ensure integrity. This could be done with something like MD5 sums and GPG keys.

The compiler that converts from, say, XML to PDB format should verify the integrity of the data.


I want to allow different methods of accessing the data.

I would also like to allow some more complex approaches to access

Could this sort of structure be too complex to store in an XML tree? Is this more-or-less case-based reasoning? How about allowing a natural-language query?!

The data should probably be kept seperately from the top-level index.

Data Organisation

The data will have to be divided for ease of use. The user might wish to pick an area of interest to install on their PDA.

This could be left up to whoever encodes the data into PDBs. Alternatively, this could be acheived based on a search pattern of some sort.