Poppi: The Palm OS Pocket Plant Identifier

The plant-related name seemed appropriate given the subject matter and was invented as a “retro-acronym” i.e. the Poppy/Poppi name sounded like it might be expanded to a reasonable acronym.

Papaver rhoeas (Corn Poppy)

Known in Irish as Caithleach Dearg.

The corn poppy flowers annually between June and August. The stalks are distinctive because of the coarse, spreading hairs, and are usually about 60 cm tall.

The leaves are stalkless with coarsely toothed lobes. The large solitary flowers are 5-10 cm across with bright red petals; the outer pair larger than inner.

The seed capsule is hairless and more or less globular. The capsule is around 2 cm long, often with a whitish bloom.

Corn poppies are often found on arable land, roadsides, gravel pits and waste places. They are frequent in the East, occasional in the centre of the country, rare in the West and very rare in the North.

Field with Corn Poppies
Papaver rhoeas (Corn Poppy)
Image from http://www.allgowild.com/