Palm UI


The user interface for Poppi was designed to be reasonably familiar to Palm OS users.

List View

list view screenshot

In list view, the user can choose from a list of families, genera or species (selected using the category menu in the top-right corner). This is useful for finding information on identified plants.

Display View

display view screenshot

Display view allows the user to read about a particular family, genus or species. The information is presented under different headings as they were originally marked up in the Poppi XML file.

The List button allows the user to switch to list view. If the user is displaying a family, List will take them to a list of the genera within that family. If they are viewing a genus, it will take them to a list of species. If they are viewing a species it will take them to a list of “sibling” species.

A Key button will appear if the family or genus on display has a key to its child entries.

Key View

key view screenshot

The key view allows the user to make a choice between two mutually exclusive options which will lead to an identification of a plant. When the user comes to a point where the identification is certain, they will be taken to the display view.

About Box

about box screenshot

The all important about box!

The i button give the user background information and licencing terms of the program.

Global Find

find screenshot

Poppi is integrated with the Palm OS global find.


Many of the strings used within the program are contained either within the database or in the user interface definition file.