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util.c File Reference

Some utility functions. More...

#include "util.h"
#include "zlib/SysZLib.h"

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MemPtr get_object_ptr (FormPtr form, UInt16 object_id)
 Get a pointer to an object from its id. More...

Err setup_zlib ()
 Get ZLib ready. More...

Err teardown_zlib ()
 Tell the system we're finished with ZLib. More...

Err inflate_string_ref (Char *zstring, UInt32 zstring_len, Char *string, UInt32 string_len, Boolean local)
 Inflates a compressed string. More...

Detailed Description

Some utility functions.

Definition in file util.c.

Function Documentation

MemPtr get_object_ptr FormPtr    form,
UInt16    object_id

Get a pointer to an object from its id.

form  Pointer to the form for this object, or NULL to use the current form.
object_id  ID of the object to get a pointer to.
Pointer to the object specified by object_id.

Definition at line 18 of file util.c.

Referenced by display_init(), display_update_scrollbar(), key_init(), list_cat_init(), list_init(), list_update_scrollbar(), prefs_init(), and prefs_save().

Err inflate_string_ref Char *    zstring,
UInt32    zstring_len,
Char *    string,
UInt32    string_len,
Boolean    local

Inflates a compressed string.

This function allocates memory for the deflated string and it is the caller's responsibility to free it later.

zstring  the compressed data
zstring_len  the length of the compressed data
string  the uncompressed data
string_len  the length of the uncompressed data (to be passed by the caller)
local  true to use a non-global ZLib ref.
The local parameter is needed so that this can be called from the global find function.

add some error checking!

Definition at line 86 of file util.c.

Referenced by get_key_details_db(), and get_record_details_db().

Err setup_zlib  

Get ZLib ready.

errNone if no error; otherwise: sysErrLibNotFound, sysErrNoFreeRAM, sysErrNoFreeLibSlots, or other error returned from the ZLib's install entry point.

Definition at line 30 of file util.c.

Referenced by start_application().

Err teardown_zlib  

Tell the system we're finished with ZLib.

errNone if no error; otherwise: sysErrParamErr if an invalid reference is passed to SysLibRemove.

Definition at line 53 of file util.c.

Referenced by stop_application().