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This project aims to develop, for a Palm OS device, a system for use in the field, to help a novice identify plants. It should guide the user by asking appropriate questions, possibly with explanatory diagrams, and guiding them towards an proper scientific identification. It should be easy to extend the system by adding new entries. It might also support faster means of identification for more expert users or those who might prefer other ways of identifying plants.

The data for plant identification comes from An Irish Flora written by D.A. Webb, J. Parnell and D. Doogue, published by Dundalgan Press, ISBN 0-85221-131-7. In the Hamilton Library it is filed under S-Len 582.13 H3*6;3.

Research Areas

XML File Format

The format of the question and answer and taxonomic data is well defined so that new entries or subject areas can be added easily. This is done with an XML DTD.

Compression & Palm Databases

The format used on the Palm OS device is more economical in space than XML. It uses the Palm OS records-in-a-database concept. The PDB creation program on the host PC compresses parts of data using ZLib. This data is uncompressed by Poppi when it is needed.

Conversion System

Poppi provides conversion into multiple formats: HTML, Latex and the Poppi Palm OS format.

Support for WML (for WAP devices) is also planned.


Some relevant websites I have found while doing research.